Adoption Support Workshops Exclusively for
Cape Coral Animal Shelter Adopters

The first few weeks with your new pet are critical in building the bond that will last throughout their life. This class is designed to address the most common behavior issues reported by new adopters, such as jumping, chewing, potty training, “safe space” training, and leash manners. We’ll also go over the importance of exercise, both physical and mental, for your dog. Our goal is to ensure you have all the tools necessary for your pet to become the beloved family member he or she is destined to be.

Handlers must be at least 16 years old to handle dogs. Children are welcome to attend, but those under 18 are at the discretion of the trainer.


Our workshops are designed to help address the top concerns we hear from pet owners.

Workshops last 1-1.5 hrs, Space is limited to 8-10 dogs per section. The cost is $40 per dog per workshop.

All workshops are held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday mornings. 

Workshop 1 – No More Pulling


Workshop 2 – No More Jumping


Workshop 3 – Help, my dog won’t come when I call them!


Workshop 4 – Teenaged Troubles and Impulse Control



You bring home your new family member, they do not know where they are, they do not speak your language, then they are left alone…now what???

This workshop teaches you how to get started on acclimating your new dog to safe spaces (crate, dog safe room) preventing and troubleshooting early stages of separation anxiety. Teaching games for your dog to do as well as relaxation techniques.

NO MORE JUMPING: (How to greet people and family members politely.)

Is your dog jumping on you and everyone that comes into the house? Is it embarrassing to take him into public places? Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will provide you with the skills to teach your pup how to greet any kind of guest politely and respect personal boundaries.

PUPPY PROBLEMS: (strategies on how to combat the basic puppy woes)

Did you just add a new furry friend to your family and experience more troubles than anticipated…. then this workshop is for you!

We will go over common problems such as biting, barking, potty training, crate training, etc.


“I want to take my dog for a walk, but he just pulls so much how do teach him not to pull???” If this sounds like you, please take this workshop!

This workshop will help you learn the basics of leash walking, including how to select the right walking gear for your dog and how to work together as a team, rather than treating walks as a race to the finish line.

HELP, MY DOG WON’T COME WHEN I CALL THEM! (Games to improve recall and make it fun for you and your dog).

It is so easy to teach a dog NOT to come to you accidentally.  Learn how to avoid this pitfall and teach the LIFESAVING command of COME WHEN CALLED through interactive games that the whole family will enjoy!

TEENAGE TROUBLE & IMPULSE CONTROL! (Games and exercise to improve impulse control)

Does your dog have no attention span??? Does he lose focus easily? If so, then this workshop is for you.

Learn how to teach your dog through cause-and-effect relationships. Build their attention, focus, and self-control with some simple exercises!